mOnkey is a Mount&Blade: Warband player, who is now a free agent, but has played for Einherjar and his national sqaud Finland in his career.

mOnkey is wel know for his kareer as a ninja-asassin, stealthily killing everywun with big and silent 2h axes.


mOnkey was a key player in Einherjar's most successfull period. That was in the period of the ENL season of 2012. Einherjar promoted out of division C. The ENL didn't get a sequel, so Einherjar never could play in division B. Later Einherjar played in the ENSC and surprisingly reached the finals by beating the russian side Unvakushed in the quarter finals, and beating Polish team Trinity in the semi finals. mOnkey was forgotten to spectator for the firzt round nd trinity (KRZYZAK, tRebr0n ) tred to get a dfault win. polaks invaded match thread (omg check teh logzz). and when lust put end to this non sens they entered einhajrar ts, evr wun had great tim.

Einherjar lost the final match to AE in which mOnkey played all the rounds.


mOnkey was a part of the very first Finnish team ever for Mount&Blade: Warband, and didn't ever miss an other nations cup after that either. He also played a big role in the most successfull years, 2012, 2013 and 2014. In 2012 Finland surprisingly beat USA with a real narrow margin, but later got eliminated in the semi-finals by Ukraine. In 2014 Finland eased through the group stage, but got eliminated by Scandinavia with the score of 9-7 in the quarter finals. Scandinavia would later win the Nations Cup 2014.